JoyThru™ Dance Bag

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Converts to a backpack in seconds!

This bag is perfect for the serious dancer who attends performances and competitions, too.  Grace under pressure unfolds with our bag. As a bacteria-fighting storage system designed for busy dancers, our all-purpose dance bag keeps you ready to dance without missing a beat.

Revolutionize your routine

Durable construction in a sleek design protects your investment and stands up to the demands of dance life, with straps that adjust to your comfort and preference. 

Attached hanger

Our attached hanger creates a pop-up dressing station to keep you on top of your routine and keep clothes off the ground.

Smart storage pods

Storage pods attach with snag-resistant hook and loop fasteners to hold pointe shoes, street shoes, or your go-to footwear. Flexible mesh pockets hold the tiniest items. Two clear pods track your essentials at a glance.

Detachable compartments

Removable pockets create a place for every dance essential: separating laundry, clean clothes and pointe shoes, with detachable mesh pods and laundry bag to throw soiled clothes into the wash.