Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & 2 Fuzzy Headband

Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & 2 Fuzzy Headband

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Just What the Dr. Ordered

Dr. Seuss knew how to keep life fun and colorful. You can see it in his rhyme schemes and his wild illustrations. But he was pretty fun in real life too! He was introduced as Dr. Seuss at parties and would play along if party-goers had never seen his books and thought he was a medical doctor. He'd listen with a serious face as people asked about their moles or hair loss. With his love of mischief and fun, we know he'd love impromptu Seuss accessories like this wild Thing One or Two headband!

Product Details

This brilliant blue headband brings instant Dr. Seuss fun to any outfit! The Thing 1 and Thing 2 medallions in the middle of the bow are interchangeable and secure with a hook and loop fastener, so your kid can easily choose which Thing they are. Want to create a look for each Thing? You'll want to order a headband for each one. Pair this Thing 1 and Thing 2 headband with a red outfit or choose one of our licensed costumes to go all out! Whether you're dressing up for Dr. Seuss's birthday or Halloween, your kiddo is sure to have a lot of fun as this wild Dr. Seuss character!